Lesa Bayer

Client Service Manager

Lesa joined Hamilton Wealth Management soon after it was founded in 2004. She started as our “do-all assistant” and is now our Client Service Manager, responsible for all client service. Basically, Lesa handles all non-investment-related client needs. Need a distribution to your checking account? Call Lesa. Have a question about a form or other paperwork? Call Lesa. Need a copy of your statement, 1099 tax forms or cost basis? Call Lesa. Need…. Well, you get the picture!

Lesa grew up in the Midwest and received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Illinois. Before moving to Pittsford, Lesa was the Director of Merchandising for Famous Barr, a retail company that was a division of the retail giant May Company. She had also worked in the finance department at May company.

After the Bayer family moved to Rochester, Lesa spent several years as a full-time mom, raising three kids. Once the kids weren’t so little anymore, Lesa joined Hamilton Wealth Management. Her knowledge and experience understanding how to properly service our clients has made Lesa a critical member of the HWM team for almost 20 years now!

Lesa has been married to her husband Tom Bayer for 35 years and has three children, ages 24, 28 and 30. She has volunteered as a team parent for her kids’ youth sports teams and is very involved in her parish.