When it comes to Investment Management, what sets us apart from many advisors is our “Endowment Style” of asset management. Managers of some of the largest endowments and other investment funds have for years incorporated many more types of assets in their portfolios than the typical Wall Street portfolio sold to retail investors. The endowments at such institutions as Harvard and Yale or here locally at University of Rochester diversify their investments well beyond a basic allocation of stocks and bonds – so does Hamilton Wealth Management.

We believe this endowment style investment management approach is beneficial for our clients in further diversifying their investments. While you may not have the billions of dollars Harvard, Yale and UR’s endowment funds have, we believe you deserve access to the diverse alternative investment asset classes they have used for years. We continuously review many different investment styles and incorporate the ones we believe fit best for our clients. In addition to the more traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds, we consider real estate, private equity, private debt, hedge funds and other opportunities for our portfolios.

Our typical client family is in good shape financially and is looking to preserve and carefully grow their wealth. They are also unique, have their own financial needs, different income needs, etc. so a cookie-cutter approach just doesn’t cut it. We tailor your portfolio for your specific goals, concerns and risk tolerance. We believe that having potential exposure to more asset classes allows us to create an investment portfolio for you that we are more confident will achieve your goals.

We invite the opportunity to sit down with you and explain more about our investment process. We are very proud of the time and effort we put into designing portfolios and would love to share our passion with you. For many, moving beyond just stocks and bonds is a new concept. That’s fine, client education is part of what we do and we look forward to answering any questions you may have about our investment approach.

To contact us for a no charge initial consultation please call our office at (585) 381-9870 or contact us via email using the “Contact” tab here on the website or emailing Hamilton Wealth Management at contact@hamiltonwealthmanagement.com.

No strategy insures success or protection against loss. The investments and strategies mentioned may not be suitable for all investors.