Working with clients near and through retirement is what we do at Hamilton Wealth Management!  Our team brings nearly three decades of experience in guiding clients through one of the scariest times in their financial lives, where big investment mistakes can be so hard to come back from. 

Have you saved and invested your whole life and are now at the point where you are at or nearing the “finish line” for work?

Do you have a solid investment plan for what will happen when the paycheck ends …. Where will your income come from after retiring? How can you replace that income you’ve depended on for so long?  How should your investments be adjusted as you get closer to retirement, and then as you go through retirement? 

Do you agree with us that investing in the accumulation phase of life might be very different than investing as you get closer to (and into) retirement – when you no longer have that paycheck coming in and you must live on income from your investments for the rest of your life – two lives, really, if you’re married?

Note: We KNOW most people stop reading after the first few sentences on any website’s “About Us” page! We do the same, usually. But don’t stop now, please. You’ve worked for maybe 30-40 years building your investment nest egg…. Take just 3 more minutes and learn more about who we work with and why you might consider Hamilton Wealth Management as a firm you should at least talk to as you consider the future.

Here's the deal: our firm is all about helping folks transition from building up their finances to the stage where we start planning how to use those funds. We often meet individuals and couples who have done a good job saving and investing all their lives, but they realize that now (or in a few years) that they’ll have to start using those investments to generate income to live their desired retirement!  We know, it’s a bit scary! 

Where we shine: we work closely with our clients to take the weight off their shoulders when it comes to managing investments and financial plans. We make sure you're putting away enough money and that your investments are set up to save you money when it's tax time. No one wants to give Uncle Sam more than they need to, right?

Feel free to browse through the rest of our website and learning more about our planning and investment process that are very unique to Hamilton Wealth Management.  Also get acquainted with Mr. Hamilton and our dedicated team that investors have put their trust in for over 27 years.

If you are interested in us completing a complementary financial review, don't hesitate to reach out – whether that means giving us a call or shooting us an email. We’ll meet with you in a casual setting, learn about your goals and plans, then we can each decide whether it’s a good fit and whether Hamilton Wealth Management can help you with the financial part of your transition into and through retirement. If so, great!  If it’s not a good fit for you (or us) then that’s OK too.